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Engineering Production facilities

Consulting for conceptual, basic and detailed engineering, studies and/or analysis required for the execution of projects of the vice-presidency of production, collection, treatment, transportation and disposal of crude oil and associated elements of the fields and stations of the technical management of Ecopetrol S.A. group II Magdalena Medio Regional Management and South Regional Management.



EPC for the commissioning of the new LPG plant for RPLC EW-01.1. Puerto La Cruz refinery, EDO Anzoátegui-Venezuela

Review of the Basic Engineering and completion of the Detail Engineering for the operation of the new Isobutane, Propane and Butane spheres located in the LPG area of the Puerto de la Cruz refinery.

MECOR IPC OCEMI associated with Osamco Pumphouse 2 to MPC

Detailed Engineering Expansion of the crude oil storage and pumping infrastructure through the new OSAMCO 2 pipeline and its interconnections to existing facilities and expansion of the storage infrastructure to feed the DA-1 and DA-2 process units of the Puerto de la Cruz refinery.


TGI – EPC Compressor Stations

Engineering, procurement and construction for the expansion and start-up of the Hatonuevo, Casacará, Norean, Barrancabermeja, Padua and Mariquita stations, including new compressors and facilities, for the Cusiana expansion project and the Ballenas expansion project.


EPC 84Km Sabanas Flow Line between Jobo Bloque la Esperanza Station and Bremen Station.

Construction of a flow line to transport 42 MMSCFD from the initial station at 1,200 PSIG to approximately kilometer 84 at the connection point at 1,200 PSIG, including the Line facilities (Cleaning Traps, Sectioning Valves and Bremen Station).


ECOPETROL – EPC Propylene Plant

Detailed design in all its specialties including mechanical catalogs and operation manual, procurement management for the supply of domestic and imported equipment and materials, civil works, construction and assembly, metal mechanical, electrical and instrumentation assembly, testing – commissioning and “AS-BUILT” drawings of a refinery grade propylene concentrator unit at the Cartagena Refinery according to the basic engineering delivered by ECOPETROL.

BOPEC BOPEC Terminal Recovery, Refurbishment and Development Project

Upgrading and refurbishment of 32 existing tanks and installation of 6 new tanks, refurbishment of existing facilities and maintenance planning of existing equipment at the BOPEC Terminal.


PROMOCON Canning Plant

Design of steam, condensate, compressed air, ACPM, natural gas and food transfer line networks detailed for the construction of the new Colombina Tuluá canning plant project, as part of the delegated administration project for the construction of the new Colombina Tuluá canning plant (Valle del Cauca).


Engineering for the installation of a Coke drum beheading system, Petropiar, Edo. Anzoátegui, Venezuela. Adequacy of the Coke Drum Debriding Systems, through the installation of sliding valve technology for the de-heading of the Top and Bottom of Drums 12-V-001/002/003/003 and 004 of PETROPIAR’s Upgrader.


OXY Detailed Engineering Design Dispatch systems and ICS Lisama

Construction of two tanks of 20,000 BLS of crude oil and dispatch system to GRB in DHS produced by the Lisama Field, construction of a pumping system from the Lisama Dehydrator Station to the Barrancabermeja Refinery (GRB) which includes a LACT measurement system, phase 1 of the project will use the existing pipeline between the Dehydrator Station and GRB, in a second phase the crude will be sent through an 8″ line to GRB.

BOPEC Inspection of Jetties N° 1 and 2 of the Terminal Bonaire Petroleum Corporation NV BOPEC-BONAIRE

Inspection of Jetties I and II of the Bonaire Petrolium Corporation NV Terminal. Inspection of the 4 Loading Arms, the structural elements and the Cathodic Protection of Jetty I, as well as the three (3) Loading Arms of Jetty II.


CERREJON Intervention in construction projects, electrical services, special project designs, etc.

Design Services, Technical and Administrative Auditing of construction, civil, architectural, electrical and mechanical projects related to new installations and/or existing installations in the Complex executed by the Engineering & Projects Superintendence of Carbones el Cerrejón, including Maintenance of Installations, Maintenance of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment, Maintenance of Roads and Production of Aggregates.